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Tantric Oil Aphrodisiac Cinnamon 200 ml

Tantric Oil Aphrodisiac Cinnamon 200 ml


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This tantric oil is an aphrodisiac with a careful and exquisite preparation based on natural ingredients and enveloping fragrances created to offer and enhance new and exciting sensations for men and women. Everything to discover new sensual, exciting and very pleasant experiences with which you can share in your couples massages and achieve extraordinary pleasure for all your senses.

The main ingredients of this oil are the Muira Puama, Epimedium, sweet almond oil, peach, cinnamon and natural essences obtained from nature.

  • The Muira Puama: Shrub that grows in the Brazilian Amazon area. There are two varieties, P. Olacoides, which contains a high level of lupeol. And the Brazilian is considered with a high power aphrodisiac and sexual tonic. The effects of this plant is the increase of libido, sensations in the skin and sexual organs, anti-fatigue and toning properties.
  • The Epidemium: This plant grows in Asia, has been traditionally used to tone and regulate sexual dysfunctions. It increases the level of testosterone, and dilates blood vessels for optimal circulation, activates microcirculation, moisturizes us and provides natural aphrodisiac components.
  • Cinnamon provides a stimulating and highly pleasing odor.
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