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Sperm Stopper 28 mm

Sperm Stopper 28 mm


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Sperm stopper in metal 28mm.
There are different variations of Sperm Stoppers but the most common ones consist of a ring to wear around the head of the penis; this is to secure the plug and also to tease and stimulate the area around it. Connected to the ring is a small hook with a slightly large ball at the tip. This goes inside the urethra but wont go deeper than the penis plugs and urethral sounds would. The hook stops at the right spot just before the opening of the urethra. Sperm Stoppers are used as they are called, to prevent you from ejaculating prematurely. The bulbous tip will act as a stopper to prevent sperm from expelling your urethra.
What are you waiting for to try this sperm stopper?
Perfect to live BDSM nights without limit.


  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Silver
  • Measures: 28 mm diameter
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