Erotic Bliss


Oh Sexy Souls, feeling pleasure is like a superpower you've been secretly developing! Erotic bliss is the magical ingredient that makes a relationship sizzle. A couple without the sexy stuff is like a "No-Fun Inc."

Eroticism? It's all about daring to embrace your inner vulnerability and getting cozy with intimacy, unveiling yourself and taking those exhilarating risks. But sometimes, in our cozy, cushioned culture, we end up with the "self-castration" syndrome. We'd rather snooze through life than risk feeling sexy, wild, and adventurous.

So, darling, spill the tea – what's your desire like? Desire is like a crafty magician, no to-do lists, nothing to hunt down. It's all about that electrifying joy of connection, pure pleasure; never a hint of pain or suffering. Without any expectations, everything kinda turns into a delightful rollercoaster.

I get it, it can be a bit tricky to let yourself go and feel pleasure because we're afraid to spice things up with uncertainty, rebellion, and intense excitement in our lives. But, here's my juicy advice: learn to unlock your hidden power to savor life with pleasure, turn up the heat on your eroticism, and dive deep into the seductive ocean of your sexuality! The best way I found was with sex toys, lately I'm with clitoral stimulators, in all their versions: suckers, vibrators, creams or oils. Cheer up and try different styles until you find yours!!

Xoxo 💜


Photo by Anna Shvets

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